My casual summer style


Well, summer is coming, these days already are hot! Sun's shinning out there...
So, I decide to share with you all a little bit about my casual summer style. Normally I have a casual style. I walk too much and to keep myself in movement, so a casual style is perfect to my summer routine.

Jeans Shorts
I love wear jeans shorts! It's one of my favorite peace in the wardrobe. I prefer the tradicional and classic one: Blue jeans. But I dont mind with others types of jeans too.
They are really comfortable and good for people that walk and keep moving a lot like me! Because they give you the freedom that the skirt doesnt.

Always! I have sensitive eyes, really do. I look like a vampire going out from the cave! Haha So I always need a sunglasses with me! Shit, I remembered now that I lost this last weekend my favorite sunglasses :( - I told you guys this in my last post.
Well, and I confess I was (not anymore) a sunglasses additive! I already had a sunglasses collection like Paris Hilton has shoes! haha All colors, sizes, style...
So it is a essencial peace in my look!

Its something I really like. But its not a peace we can use every time, because if the day is too heat and we use it, we burn! So more for windy days. But I have a lot of this too. But it is just for style! haha

All Star/Sneakers 
Perfect! They are my babies in almost all seasons! I love them! Super comfortable to my lifestyle and casual summer style. I prefer All Star and skater sneakers. I love big sneakers, like male sneakers! haha
So they are important to make my style. Ah, and I like so much those in white color too.

Cloth bag/backbag
Almost all my bags are made of jeans cloth. Its not a bag to go for a fancy party - of course. But for daily it is perfect! I like those one that we can use transversal on back. Because I hate need to be worry about my stuffs when I go out, and use this way I know my stuffs are safe in my body! Haha Brazillian's concern :x  

Yeah, after all those topics, its more than obvious I use a lot t-shirt! Even on the winner :P
I like t-shirt with band's logo and "rock n' roll" pictures. But not to much color full.

This image above is one of the style I inspire myself. I really like the skater girls style. I have too much inspiration on that.

I dont wear to much accessories on summer, because I sweat a lot. So, more thing on my body, more I sweat. Argh! But have those that I cant live without: something in my wrist (can be anything, nothing in particular), and chokers (I am addicted now!), rings just the basic and earring not everyday. But I have piercings that can be considered like an accessory too.

In the bag
Just the basic too. I hate to need to carry heavy things all day. So normally are: wallet, phone, earn phone, keys and a balm lips. Maybe a mirror, maybe...

On the hair/Makeup
I like the hair more natural... I dont do frequently hairstyle, but when I do are braids. So normally is natural and I use thermal protector spray. Because in Portugal the sun is really heat, so I must to use it! And makeup is simple and basic too. Not too much foundation, I sweat a lot and a lot makeup means have a melt makeup face. I keep it really basic :)

And to finish this post I'll post a summer song too haha "Sing" - I think its video clip is perfect match to my style on summer!