Halloween Makeup - Vampire


Hello guys! Today I will start my Halloween's posts! I LOVE this day! Really do. Its one of my favorites date. So I couldn't let it pass without make something special to the blog - of course!
So I started with a makeup tutorial. This one I inspired myself in vampire's look. Unfortunately, I couldn't use a vampire's teeth. I bought it but I confess I tried many times but I couldn't use it. I didn't know how makes it stay clued on my teeth. Well after a time I gave up. But I think the final look still super nice, even without those vampires teeth!

I really liked this Halloween look. I used a lot red and black colors, and of course, fake blood (you can buy it on costume store or those big market, that sell costumes and clothes too).
On the outfit red tight dress (or the classic black) fit perfect with this makeup! And hill of course. Because this look is more a "sexy" vampire haha

Hope you liked and inspired all you guys to a dark Halloween makeup! Soon another Halloween vídeo is coming...

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Raquel Esagui 🎃🎃


3 easy braids with flowers


Hello guys! Today I bring to you a video, new video that I update on the channel this week!
It's about 3 really easy type of braids using fakes flowers on hair. I am from Brazil and there the Spring is coming so let's play with flowers on our hairs?
What you gonna need?
- Some hairpins
- Hair elastic
- Little fake flowers (with wire on the tip)
And your hair! hehe

1. Flowers Hairband

1- This first one, you can use with your hair tied or using your hair loose. I like to use with my hair loose. But you also can change to the braid, making it larger or tighter (like mine).
Make a braid with the hair above your ear and do the same on the another side, then you cross them over your head as a hairband and fasten with hairpins, put the flowers in all the braids and done!
If you use larger flowers, make larger braids, so it'll be more symmetrical and really beautiful.

2. Flowers Bun Hair

2 - This braid is really discreet. The braid is the bun, and if you have a long hair it'll be really beautiful. You will tie your hair like a ponytail and after making a large braid (so in that way your bun will have volume). So using the hairpins you make a bun hairstyle and put the flowers around it and done!

3. Flower Bouquet Braid

3- The flowers bouquet braid is so easy as classical to use. It's a romantic hairstyle but you can use with a modern outfit too!
Split your front hair in two, and make a braid with each lock of hair. Then take them to the back of your head and using hairpins fasten it. Put the flowers bouquet with hairpins and done too!
Simple yeah?

Those braids are super easy to do, right? Hope you enjoyed it too!
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Sorriso Mágico


Hey guys! I am back with more "Nails Polish of the Week"!
Same brand, different color. I love this brands how I already said, so always that I go to Cascais city, I buy a new one. They have infinite colors and are really cheap. Where I buy it, it's about 1 euro.

And this one is 25 Sorriso (in English "Smile") of the Cliché brand. This color is so smooth so I did double layer on my nails. But just one layer is already beautiful, but softer.

This color is really magical and good in every situation. Its a "Sorriso" on our nails... Like my "Book of the Luck" said; "The meeting" - "The question that bothers you it'll be sorted well, a new meeting comes bringing with itself the satisfaction" like a happy couple.
And yeah, I am satisficed with this nails polish of the week! And about you?



Swimming Classes


Hey Guys! I have news today... I will start to do swimming classes this week! Yeah!
Well, I really wanted to do so exercises, but I confess I hate gym and this kind of exercises too. I like exercises like some sports, but anyway, I decided to do swimming classes because it's good for all body and will help me to lose weight quickly and healthy. As it works all body (muscles and blah blah blah) it'll make me lose weight proportionally too. It's good, right?

But as all classes, we need some stuffs to start, and in my case it's - thanks God - not too much.
So, I will use:
- Swimming suit
- Swimming cap
- Towel
- Flip flops (haha it's a funny word - at least to me who speak Portuguese)
And if I wish, I can take shower there too. And I will, because I prefer to be clean before to go home.

So I took some pictures about what I'll be taking to the classes... Well, I just didn't take about the flip flops, but doesn't need it, does it?
This swimming suit I bought just for it. But I think it's so beautiful and maybe I use in another situation haha. It's comfortable and looks really good on the body. A little retro style, I like it!
And as I said, I prefer to take a shower there, so I will bring with me my shampoo (Garnier; I love this brand, especially this one to blonde hair giving my hair some highlights), soap (Nivea - stranberry and milk - I love sweet smell), hair comb and those things to keep myself clean enough ... haha

Let's see how it goes!



September Wishlist


Hey guys!
How long I didn't post a Wishlist here? Wow, I would say; a long long time. But I feel it's time to a new wishlist here! So new month and new list, right? 

Well this list it's not just about fashion stuffs, it's about make up and arts stuffs too. For who doesn't know I am an illustrator too, so arts stuffs are always in my wishlist.
If you don't know my work as an illustrator I will link here my Tumblr, where I share a bit of it.
But coming back to the list, let's talk about a little bit of those desired objects.

  1. Make up case - Let's start with make up things... I do like make up and have a lot colors and brand and all those things. But at moment I am keeping all my things in many little cases because I don't have a proper place to keep it. So I think if I have a proper make up case I could save my make up stuffs more organized and it would be more easy to find and use all those things.
  2. Make up brushes set - Well, as an illustrator I do love brushes. So now imagine being a person who loves make up too... Haha Of course I want it! It's not just about luxury, but a necessity too. I have a make up brushes set already, but just one of each type of brush, and when you are making a make up you can't use the same brush to many colors or you would messy up your makeup. So have more than one option it's a good idea. In this way you can use a dark shadow eyes and a bright one without dirty the colors with a dirty brush. So, yeah it's a good thing to my wishlist!
  3. Classic tartan skirt - Who never had one?! I did, a red one long time ago. And I wanna come back have one in my closet. Who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of 80's/90's, and tartan skirt is a classic and almost an obligation to have in your closet. I do like tartan clothes, you can use getting a grunge inspirations as a classical one. And match with a lot pieces, it's almost a key piece of the fashion. And it's super amazing in autumn outfits! 
  4. Oxford Shoes - Own so British style, do I need say anything else? The British way is my inspiration in many things, and the fashion is one of them. I really love those shoes, but unfortunately I never had a chance to have one. When I lived in Brazil I was always search about those shoes, well then I came to Portugal and tried to forget it. But honestly, how can I? And it's other piece that we can call a "key piece".
  5. Watercolor pen brush and Copic Marker set - Let's go to the art list part! Those two things are to paint work. The watercolor pen brush is a pen that the tip is a brush and you put water inside of it and you use to paint in watercolor art, so you don't need wet all the time the brush to paint, the water comes out whiles you paint. Cool yeah? And the second is a marker set, but what is different in this set? Those marker you can paint without make those ink mark when you need pass the ink over another ink again, and it blur with another colors already painted on the paper, like you were paint with a wet ink. So it's you can paint with "pen" - that is so convenient - but getting a wet ink effect. 
So guys, this is my wishlist of this month, and I hope can buy at least one of these things this month. But if I do, I will let you know about on the Instagram and blog!
So, what is your wishlist for September? Let me know!

Raquel Esagui


Hello September!


Hello September and hello guys!

I can't believe September came already. This years is passing so fast! But I like September...
Finally the summer is going away (haha I am a winter person, not summer), autumn is coming, dry leaves on the street, that "orange" picture of the things that looks everything is in sepia filter... Oh how I love it!

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. It's not so cold but we already said "bye bye" to summer. The weather is perfect for my favorite outfits; skirts, pantyhose, boots, coats, hats... I do love it.
I think the fashion in autumn is amazing. And you can play with many style of make up, because its not totally cold weather, so you can use a little bit of summer inspirations as you can use winter too. But of course autumn has it own inspirations, one more option to our list! You can use skirt as you can use a big coats too. It's so flexible!

And it's not just in fashion, now is a little bit cold, so you can enjoy with your loved person movies on the couch with hot chocolate and shared blankets. Own sound so romantic! Ok, you got me, I am a romantic person, and love to do all those things. So September is perfect for me. No sweat any more because the summer!

 Those picture above is from my August Instagram, to remember me it was a good month too. Well it's my birthday month... But in August I could organize lot things in my life and to start some projects. And now September came, and we gonna do everything to be a great month too and - of course - share it with all of you.

Maybe a new home decoration? Could be a good idea! Using those beautiful dry leaves, autumn flowers/plants... a "sepia style" haha. Maybe it's a good idea. I will think about. But of course I will take out from the wardrobe and bring to life my lovely autumn outfits! And share it here :)

So new month, new goals too. Well, those old goals still going on haha. But I wanna start updating the Youtube channel (weekly), and the challenger is making it in English, but we gonna get it! I'm sure.
But to keep the energies up, let's share two videos: September 2017 songs compilation. The first one is Indie/rock/alternative music and the second is indie/pop/folk music. 

Hope you enjoy this new month as I plan to do too!
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Raquel Esagui


Black in white... and Patterns!


Hello guys! Let's go to my second outfit post here. 
I am really liking to do these outfit pictures, feel good with myself! haha
And today how the tittle says, its a basic black and white but with patterns - of course! If you don't read my description in "about" yet, so I can let you know I am a "Crazy Patterns Lady" haha - I invented it now :P 
But it's true, I do love patterns and this top is one of my own collection. It can to be used in a classic/elegant way or just in a casual outfit, as I did now.

Sometimes less is more, and in this case I just venture myself in wear a basic top with jeans and put more details in my shoes (it's has some "shinning strips" in silver). What goes really good with the black in the patterns on the top.
And about accessories, I wear those simple ones; a long necklace and sunglasses - black too!

Hope this outfit had inspired all of you. If you wanna know more about my patterns work, you can access



Bordo Charm


Hey guys! One more "Nails polish of the week"... and today we gonna with Yves Rocher brand!
My boss gave me this nails polish these days, and I never had a Yves Rocher Nails polish before. I like the cosmetic products of them, like the hand cream... So its my first one!

In first place, I love the color. Its a shining bordo, called 105 Pivoine Nacré. Well my boss knows which colors I like! haha
So for this week I decide use it, and I liked it. It dry really fast, has a great finishing and durability is good to, at least until now.
I am in love for this color and final results!

Probably it won't to be the last one of them!
Does any one of you have this one or already used this brand? What do you think about it?
Hope you like it as me!
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Raquel Esagui


Festas do Mar Cascais 2017


Hello guys! How was the weekend? My weekend was good and I bring it to share with all of you here! Hehe I went in "Festas do Mar Cascais 2017" (translating would be "Cascais Sea Party") on Sunday. 
Well, wasn't my plan to go there, in the reality I just planed go shop some sneakers, but in the middle of the way I saw this free event that took all my attention. So just came up on my mind "Why not took some pictures and share it with my reader on the blog?", so that's what I am doing now!

This event happened for few days. I went in the last one. It had handcraft fair, foods truck, open market, live music and the beach side by side of this entertainment. 
 Had a lot original producers from Cascais. I start my "tour" in this event for the handcraft fair...

Had one brand in particular that took my attention in. Was the Pexizbeke brand. They produce some stuffs like bags, phone bags, pillows, and the list go on, in clothes material with a "plastic" finishing (I love this type of finishing). The patterns on the products are really funny and colorful, what brings a such happy and "summer vibe" for your style!
And the staffs there were super sweet with the costumers - it makes difference, I'm sure.

I loved those watermelons patterns! hehe I don't like to much eat watermelons, I prefer fruit a little more dry, but in patterns I think it is stunning! haha I love fruits patterns.

Had a lot fashion brands there (all handcraft makers - of course). Which one with their style and story. Lot of them brought up Portuguese tradition on their products, as cork, Ginja drink.... Oh talking about Ginja, I bought a little Ginja cup to taste, and was really good. By tradition they sale the Ginja drink in a chocolate cup (you can choice between white or black chocolate - I pick the white one, my favorite!). And if you want, it comes with a fruit on the drink too - Ginja is a fruit if you dont know about it. 

Was a lovely day, shining sun and a lot smiles on the street with kids playing. A true american picture on movies.
How I said, had live music too. I watch a little bit of... Big concert and was free, so close of beach. They played some Portuguese, Brazilian and American songs. What can I say, was super eclectic event!
I will let here the schedule of all those days:

19 August | Capitão Capitão | HMB
20 August | Felipe Fontenelle |Tiago Bettencourt & Carminho
21 August | Joana Alegre | Miguel Angelo & Miguel Gameiro
22 August | NEEV | Aurea
23 August |  Fado big night | Fado á Janela (19h40) | Marco Rodrigues | Katia Guerreiro
24 August | Ditch Days | Miguel Araújo Ft. António Zambujo
25 August | The Happy Mess | The Black Mamba
26 August | Rogério Charraz | Rui Veloso
27 August | Paulo Sousa | Cascais Symphony invites The Bootleg Beatles -  50's Commemoration of  Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album
28 August | Pedro Vaz | D.A.M.A.

Was a great moment! And hope it comes back next year!
Hope you enjoyed it too!

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Raquel Esagui


Sunshine in Salou


Salou, such a beautiful Spanish place! So why not start a week with a sunshine pictures of some outfits in Spain? So, lets do it guys!
Spend some time of holidays in Salou, was an amazing experience to me.  

The weather was pretty warm and nice to be close to the sea.
I already had been in Spain, but in Salou was the first time to me. I stayed in the SB hotel for the first time too.

On the outfit I wear an original top and this shorts with long tail. 
They're really comfortable and fresh for this heat Spanish summer... And it can be used like a casual outfit as an elegant one too. I keep it clean and simple 'cause the pattern makes the work of to get all the attention of the outfit as the tail too.
This long tail of the shorts makes a different and elegant style even in a simple and basic outfit.
You can see more about here:

What can I say?
I love summer, sun, sea and great moments in great places, specially if I can wear something so comfortable and original!
Hope you guys enjoyed my first post as I did!

Renata xx


What's the news?!


And what's the news?!
Tamtamtamtam... The news here are: 1- We have a new collaborator here! Renata Paulo, my best friend and creator of the brand Renata Paulo, and she will start make outfits and tips here on the blog.
She has a lot beautiful outfits and greats ideas in the fashion world, so what not share it with you guys? So here we go!
Of course I already talked about her here on the blog, but this time is different because will be posted just her pictures, looks and great mind!
2- The blog will start to be in English! Why? Because in English more people can get the message and and follow the tips and outfit... So why not? Haha But if you prefer read it in another language, its easy, use the translate in the sidebar, so you can read in the language what you want it! :)
3- Our  Youtube channel will be more "active" here too. We are organizing the stuffs to start post videos every week. The videos will be about beauty (hair, make up, tips, cosmetics...), fashion, lifestyle, vlog... and going on.

We are organizing all these news projects and soon you'll see all it here! So, dont forget to follow us in Facebook, Bloglovin and Youtube, so you'll always be into the updates when we do it!

Raquel xx


Baby & Violet Glitter


Hello guys! And it's coming another post about "Nails Polish of the Week".
I know this week still going on, but I already change the nails polish of a new one, because this weekend I will go to my friend's house and I want to go with pretty nails :)

These two nails polish that I used, I bought yesterday - I am using for the first time!
In the last post of "Nails Polish of the week" I mentioned about the Clichê Nails Polish Brand, and how it is so lasting in your quality (at least the one I had before), so now we can check it in another colors!

//Hello pessoal! E lá vem eu com mais um post da série "Esmalte da semana"
Sei que a semana ainda não acabou, mas hoje troquei de esmalte, pois irei passar o fim de semana na casa da minha melhor amiga e queria ir com as unhas já feitinhas :)

Esses dois esmaltes que usei hoje, eu comprei ontem - estou estreiando-os ahaha!
No último post do "Esmalte da semana" comentei que a marca Clichê era muito boa na durabilidade (pelo menos o que eu tinha antes), então agora poderemos conferir se as outras cores também tem o mesmo efeito que o que tinha de glitter prateado.

The colors used were: 31 Baby (as base) and 158 Violet (Finishing with glitter)  - and both are from Clichê Brand as the pictures above.

I do like to pass it over my nail, they spread so easy and the brush is really soft, making a even coverage and dry really fast! Because I already had nails polish that were so beautiful colors but horrible to use and dry, and in this point the Clichê Brand doesn't let it happens!
I love the results!

//As cores usadas foram: 31 Baby (como base) e 158 Violet (para glitter de acabamento) - os dois da Clichê como se pode ser nas fotos. 

Eles são muito gostoso de passar, espalha bem na unha, fica uniforme e seca bem rápido! Acho que até nesse quesito de "passar o esmalte na unha" eles são muito bons! Já tive esmaltes que eram lindas as cores mas eram um inferno para passar na unha, ficavam empelotados, não ficavam uniforme nas pinceladas e NUNCA secavam! E a marca Clichê não me decepciona nisso, eu adoro o manuseio deles e o resultado final!

So, that's, what do you think about the color? Its really delicate and happy one! hehe
Hope you had enjoy it!

Raquel xx

//O que acharam? Ficou uma cor bem feminina e alegre dessa vez! hehe
Espero que tenham gostado. 

Bjinhos 🌸🌾


Bram Stocker


I'm loving it! Haha I start the post affirming it!
Hi guys! Well, its been a while I don't talk about books here (hum, to be honest I don't remember if I already did it here or if just was in another blog mine: Coruja Curiosa haha), but well, I'll today!

Everybody knows that famous story about the king of the vampires, Count Dracula. But did you know that the original story was wrote by Bram Stoker, a British guy who revolutionized the horror stories until the current days?

And I'm a loyal follower of the horror stories, vampirism, witchcraft and werewolves - of course, I bought the book! I already knew the story of Bram Stoker's Dracula, but never had my own book of this British writer, the master of vampire horror stories!

The book I bought is a version translate in Portuguese from Portugal and resumed too ('Cause the original book has a ages vocabulary - which is tiring to read, at least for me - and really long). 
I confess, the first day that book stuck me in it pages for to much time...Something rare to happens with me and books.
But the writing its easy (even in Portuguese form Portugal) and fast. And the story is fascinating!

//ADORANDO! Haha Já começo o post exclamando o que acho!
Olá pessoal! Bom, já um tempinho que não falo de nenhum livro (para ser sincera não sei se já falei de livros aqui ou se foi só no outro blog: Coruja Curiosa haha), mas bom, vou falar hoje!

Todo mundo conhece a história de famoso reis dos vampiros o Conde Drácula. Mas vocês sabia que a história original foi escrita por Bram Stoker, um britânico que revolucionou a história do terror presente até nos dias de hoje?

E eu como uma fiel amante dos contos de terror, vampirismo, bruxaria e lobisomens - claro, comprei o livro! Eu já conhecia a história de Bram Stoker, mas nunca tive a oportunidade de ter meu próprio livro do conto desse britânico, o mestre do terror dos sangues-sugas. 
Pois bem, esses dias sai com meus amigos e lá estava a loja de livros... e de lá eu sai com o "Drácula de Bram Stoker" - assim chamado.

O livro que comprei é uma versão traduzida para português de Portugal e resumida (pois o livro original é com uma linguagem da época - o que seria mais cansativo de ler - e bem mais extenso). 
Confesso que logo no primeiro dia o livro me prendeu em suas páginas por muito tempo... Coisa rara de acontecer comigo se o livro não for mergulhado em meu universo pessoal.
A linguagem é bem mais fácil (mesmo para um português de Portugal) e rápida. E a história fascinante!

Who would say the story start with blood, fears and dead corps? I was expecting it take a while a little bit to show up the mystery about the blood sucker demon, but didn't! It was fast and straight with Jonathan the lawyer hided from Dracula, being the prisoner of this monster.

The story? Don't you know the Dracula story?!
This horror story is a romantic goth story, about the bloody Count Dracula. He goes from Transylvania to London, causing horror and seduction on Mina's dreams and  Lucy's dreams and life  (Mina's bestfriend) and getting crazy Jonathan with a lot horror to be in his castle in Transylvania. Dracula has a sick obsession for Mina, and it becomes a messy in her life, and until Van Helsing gets interest on the case!

//Quem diria que a história já começaria com sangue, medo e corpos mortos? Eu sinceramente esperava que demorasse mais capítulos para aparecer o mistério do demônio sugador de sangue, mas não! Foi logo de cara com Jonathan o advogado contratado por Drácula, sendo prisioneiro particular do terrível monstro, e suas ninfas tentando o matar para beber seu sangue.

A história? Não conhece a história do Drácula?
Basicamente a história é um conto - de terror, claro! - gótico romântico, sobre o sanguinário vampiro Conde Drácula que vai da Transilvânia para Londres, causando terror e sedução nos sonhos Mina, Lucy (melhor amiga de Mina) e enlouquecendo Jonathan com terror por ser seu prisioneiro em seu castelo na Transilvânia. Drácula tem uma obsessão doentia por Mina, causando um alvoroço em seu meio social, que até o Van Helsing ganha interesse no caso!

The Dracula's Bram Stocker Movie, 1992, is really good and loyal of the original story.
Has a great casting too: Gary Oldman (as Dracula), Winona Ryder (as Mina), Keanu Reeves (as Jonathan), Anthony Hopkins... But before you watch I 'll give an advice about, this movie its not those bloody violent horror movie how we are use to watch in currents days, it's a classical romantic goth, with a lot sexual seductions and dark romance.

I like this movie, I already did a project to my Fashion Design Master Degree about the movie fashion design  (characters costumes).

If you already read this book, tell what you think about!
Hope you enjoyed this different post!

Raquel xx

//O filme "Drácula de Bram Stoker" de 1992 é bem fiel ao livro e muito bom tbm!
O filme leva o elenco muito bom com Gary Oldman (como Drácula), Winona Ryder (como Mina), Keanu Reeves (como Jonathan), Anthony Hopkins entre outros. Mas antes de mais nada aviso que o filme não é uma matança violenta como os filmes de hoje em dia, é um clássico gótico romântico, com sedução sexual e romances obscuros.

Bom, o que posso dizer, sou a pessoa que fez um artigo sobre o design de moda do elenco do filme "Drácula" de 1992 para o mestrado de Design de Moda que fazia... então tenho que gostar né!

Espero que gostem tbm e se já leram esse livro, digam nos comentários o que acharam e qual versão foi!

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