Halloween Eyeliner Sticker


And there is one more Halloween post! I am inspired this year! haha
Well guys, today I wanna share with you, about an Eyeliner Sticker that my friend gave me.
She was shopping stuff to her in those Chinese stores in Brazil, and when she saw it, she thought "Omg, its so Raquel style!" and then she bought to me. And was really cheap too.
I really love it! So easy to use - its just take out from the paper and glue on your eyes, and done! Easy right?

Well, its supposed you use just once, but after trying it I took (taking care) of eyes and could glue it back on the paper again... I think you can use a couple of times if you take it cares when takes it out of your eyes

I think it makes the look more complete and funny to Halloween theme! I will use again in my "Halloween party" - it's not exactly a party, just movie with friends... but deserves this look!
And stay really good with this purple and black look! Ah if you wanna know how I did this makeup, I did a post and tutorial video showing to you, so check it out too: Halloween Colors Makeup

Well, that's it today! Just a simple and quick share about this super cool Eyeliner Sticker!
Hope you like it too! Don't forget to check out the makeup in the link above :)

Raquel xx


Easy Funny Spooky Candles Jar - DIY


Hey guys! Halloween's post coming again! haha
Well, this one is about some easy (but really easy) tips about Halloween decoration DIY. 
They're some old food jars, that you can use to make some funny and spooky Halloween candles jar. And another easy tip to do bloody candles! 

They're so easy to do and really cheap tips!
So check the vídeo above, and get yourself inspired on the Halloween vibe!

I did another post already where I showed how to make the painted jars and other very simple tips. I'll post the link here if you want to check out: DIY Halloween Decoration. It's my another blog, where I post dark theme post. But be my guest to subscribe there and follow us on the Facebook too. 

I do like of DIY stuff... And of course, my Halloween gets some of them.
Its really simple and easy tips, but hope to inspire you all! If you do something nice, share with me on the Facebook page, I would like to see it!

Raquel xx


Halloween Colors Makeup


Hey Guys!
Lets for another Halloween post! This one is a quick video tutorial about this makeup. I did this makeup thinking about the Halloween colors: Black, orange, silver and purple. I do love this type of makeup even in normals dates - not just in Halloween. But if you prefer to use it just on Halloween, then enjoy this moment :)

When I started the tutorial I was with my skin prepared already. I just show you, how I did the eyes, mouth and contour... But soon I will upload a video about how I prepare my skin too :)
If you want to use other colors or use more of any I already use, be my guest! Of course, a makeup with more orange would be super nice in Halloween theme so you can change the purple to orange if you prefer. But I love purple so, that's my choice.

So let's start the tutorial?

If you wanna know the list of cosmetic's products I used to do this makeup, just keep reading the post clicking on "READ MORE"


Halloween Makeup - Vampire


Hello guys! Today I will start my Halloween's posts! I LOVE this day! Really do. Its one of my favorites date. So I couldn't let it pass without make something special to the blog - of course!
So I started with a makeup tutorial. This one I inspired myself in vampire's look. Unfortunately, I couldn't use a vampire's teeth. I bought it but I confess I tried many times but I couldn't use it. I didn't know how makes it stay clued on my teeth. Well after a time I gave up. But I think the final look still super nice, even without those vampires teeth!

I really liked this Halloween look. I used a lot red and black colors, and of course, fake blood (you can buy it on costume store or those big market, that sell costumes and clothes too).
On the outfit red tight dress (or the classic black) fit perfect with this makeup! And hill of course. Because this look is more a "sexy" vampire haha

Hope you liked and inspired all you guys to a dark Halloween makeup! Soon another Halloween vídeo is coming...

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Raquel Esagui 🎃🎃