Halloween Makeup - Vampire


Hello guys! Today I will start my Halloween's posts! I LOVE this day! Really do. Its one of my favorites date. So I couldn't let it pass without make something special to the blog - of course!
So I started with a makeup tutorial. This one I inspired myself in vampire's look. Unfortunately, I couldn't use a vampire's teeth. I bought it but I confess I tried many times but I couldn't use it. I didn't know how makes it stay clued on my teeth. Well after a time I gave up. But I think the final look still super nice, even without those vampires teeth!

I really liked this Halloween look. I used a lot red and black colors, and of course, fake blood (you can buy it on costume store or those big market, that sell costumes and clothes too).
On the outfit red tight dress (or the classic black) fit perfect with this makeup! And hill of course. Because this look is more a "sexy" vampire haha

Hope you liked and inspired all you guys to a dark Halloween makeup! Soon another Halloween vídeo is coming...

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Raquel Esagui 🎃🎃


3 easy braids with flowers


Hello guys! Today I bring to you a video, new video that I update on the channel this week!
It's about 3 really easy type of braids using fakes flowers on hair. I am from Brazil and there the Spring is coming so let's play with flowers on our hairs?
What you gonna need?
- Some hairpins
- Hair elastic
- Little fake flowers (with wire on the tip)
And your hair! hehe

1. Flowers Hairband

1- This first one, you can use with your hair tied or using your hair loose. I like to use with my hair loose. But you also can change to the braid, making it larger or tighter (like mine).
Make a braid with the hair above your ear and do the same on the another side, then you cross them over your head as a hairband and fasten with hairpins, put the flowers in all the braids and done!
If you use larger flowers, make larger braids, so it'll be more symmetrical and really beautiful.

2. Flowers Bun Hair

2 - This braid is really discreet. The braid is the bun, and if you have a long hair it'll be really beautiful. You will tie your hair like a ponytail and after making a large braid (so in that way your bun will have volume). So using the hairpins you make a bun hairstyle and put the flowers around it and done!

3. Flower Bouquet Braid

3- The flowers bouquet braid is so easy as classical to use. It's a romantic hairstyle but you can use with a modern outfit too!
Split your front hair in two, and make a braid with each lock of hair. Then take them to the back of your head and using hairpins fasten it. Put the flowers bouquet with hairpins and done too!
Simple yeah?

Those braids are super easy to do, right? Hope you enjoyed it too!
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Sorriso Mágico


Hey guys! I am back with more "Nails Polish of the Week"!
Same brand, different color. I love this brands how I already said, so always that I go to Cascais city, I buy a new one. They have infinite colors and are really cheap. Where I buy it, it's about 1 euro.

And this one is 25 Sorriso (in English "Smile") of the Cliché brand. This color is so smooth so I did double layer on my nails. But just one layer is already beautiful, but softer.

This color is really magical and good in every situation. Its a "Sorriso" on our nails... Like my "Book of the Luck" said; "The meeting" - "The question that bothers you it'll be sorted well, a new meeting comes bringing with itself the satisfaction" like a happy couple.
And yeah, I am satisficed with this nails polish of the week! And about you?



Swimming Classes


Hey Guys! I have news today... I will start to do swimming classes this week! Yeah!
Well, I really wanted to do so exercises, but I confess I hate gym and this kind of exercises too. I like exercises like some sports, but anyway, I decided to do swimming classes because it's good for all body and will help me to lose weight quickly and healthy. As it works all body (muscles and blah blah blah) it'll make me lose weight proportionally too. It's good, right?

But as all classes, we need some stuffs to start, and in my case it's - thanks God - not too much.
So, I will use:
- Swimming suit
- Swimming cap
- Towel
- Flip flops (haha it's a funny word - at least to me who speak Portuguese)
And if I wish, I can take shower there too. And I will, because I prefer to be clean before to go home.

So I took some pictures about what I'll be taking to the classes... Well, I just didn't take about the flip flops, but doesn't need it, does it?
This swimming suit I bought just for it. But I think it's so beautiful and maybe I use in another situation haha. It's comfortable and looks really good on the body. A little retro style, I like it!
And as I said, I prefer to take a shower there, so I will bring with me my shampoo (Garnier; I love this brand, especially this one to blonde hair giving my hair some highlights), soap (Nivea - stranberry and milk - I love sweet smell), hair comb and those things to keep myself clean enough ... haha

Let's see how it goes!


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